Lightburn 1.0 Locking up

I’m a little irritated with the new light burn. After every program is started I cannot click on anything it just beeps at me. When the program is done I have to close lightburn and start it again in order to select anything and all of my settings have to be redone. This is ridiculous.

I have no idea what you mean by “after every program is started” - can you show a screen shot of what you’re seeing? I haven’t seen this reported before.

It’s possible that you have a window open that’s not visible, like the preview, that’s on a 2nd monitor or something like that. If you hold Shift while opening any of the pop-up windows in LightBurn, they’ll reset to good positions instead of their last remembered one, and launching LB while holding Shift does this for the main layout.

Could that be the issue?

I’m not sure what I did differently. But the problem seems to have solved itself in regards to the program not responding once I start a burn.
The other part of it which was clicking on the preview but no preview window popping up was highly irritating. Now that I know to push shift then preview, … I just tried it to double-check… And thank you it worked the preview window popped up where it was supposed to and didn’t freeze the program.
Yes I am running dual monitors.
The problem still persist though of having to pull up device manager every time that I go to run like burn to find out what port it is running on. That part is more of a pest than anything else. Only takes 10 seconds to check it. Most of my programs are running 5 to 20 hours each once I start.
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