Lightburn 1.01 bug?

Latest lightburn installed today 1:01 running on mac 10:15:7 and ortur grbl-m3 failed to “pause”

Older GRBL firmware does have an instant pause, so we pause by stopping the output stream. The controller will have a bunch of commands already buffered, and will execute those until the buffer is empty, and then pause.

What were you running? If it’s longer shapes, it can take a good while before the pause actually happens.

I have paused before with version 9… and yes it takes a few seconds but this time it just doesn’t respond at all even after 5 minutes

Strangely seems to be working now not sure why

It can vary a lot depending on the content of the job. Anything that’s lots of long, straight lines might take a lot longer to pause, because those end up being single commands. Curves are lots of commands, one for each small segment, so they generally take less time to pause.

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