Lightburn 1.1.00 line+ fill not working

just updated to the new version 1.1.00 and now line+fill is not working. it is doing all the correct movements but not burning anything. even doubled the power and still nothing. if i change it to just line it does it just fine at its normal lower power.

Can you attach the project file so we can have a look and try to reproduce this here? (or just an example that reproduces the problem - it’s the cut settings I’m interested in, so even a simple square that causes it would be fine)

i tried to upload a small part of the file just a single piece and its saying too large. suggestion on how to do it?

How big is the file?

I am having the same issue.

square fill and line.lbrn2 (3.2 KB)

rune.lbrn (13.7 KB)

worked this time. i removed it from the file and opened a new one and pasted and then was able to get it over.

I believe I have this fixed. Testing it now.

ok sweet. is there a shortcut to accidentally turn off snapping when using the line tool? I looked in settings and it says its on. i try to make a triangle or something and it wont close the shape.

now it just worked. when I tried it. so I am not sure what it is doing.

There was an issue in 1.1.00, but fixed in 1.1.01. If you haven’t updated to that one (released yesterday) you should.

ok thank you!

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