LightBurn 1.1.02 - Single Click for Frame on 1.1.02 has now disappeared

Just installed version LightBurn 1.1.02 and noticed that the new feature in 1.1.01 of Single Click for Frame has now disappeared and Shift + Click is required to frame with laser ON - Just when I was getting used to the new feature, it’s gone!

It hasn’t gone, it can be enabled under device settings

Wow - who would have know - thanks

Anyone reading the release notes. :slight_smile:

That switch is a great feature as it may not suit everyone to always have the laser ON when framing. One feature I would like to see is an adjustable delay when framing. It takes me a few seconds to move from my keyboard to the laser enclosure to check framing and I have to home the laser every time so I can move in the time the laser gets to the frame area. If there was a delay, I could just start the frame from where the laser module stopped.

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