Lightburn 1.1.03 - Fills shapes individually no matter the setting

LB is filling shapes individually even though the are grouped. It will do this no matter the setting including fill all shapes together.

This is a new issue that appeared with the latest release. This worked correctly before the update.

Any help would be appreciated as my burns are now taking twice as long.

I should also note the fill settings are grayed out and only allow me to change them if I select LINE and then back to fill.

Reverted back to 1.0.06 fixed the issue.

Are you willing to share your LightBurn file?
I’d like to try to reproduce the issue.

When the fills are grayed, visit the ‘Advanced’ tab of that layer in the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ to see if you have ‘Flood Fill’ enabled. When on, Flood Fill will take precedence over any other filling option. :slight_smile:


Is this a new behavior in 1.1.03? In 1.0.06 it does not do that.
But either way it will not flood fill at all in 1.1.03.

If you are willing, please upload your LightBurn file to a reply on the forum.
I’d like to attempt to replicate the behaviour.

I am not seeing what you describe. Here I show two layers, one is black with circle shapes set to ‘Fill groups together’. I have 10 circles, 5 of which are grouped. The second layer, red, is set to ‘Flood Fill’ and also has ‘Fill groups together’ set. My output shows both layers producing as expected, the grouping for the black layer is produced in one go, followed by the other 5 circles producing one at a time. The red layer is producing the Flood Fill. We grayed the fill options in our recent releases when Flood Fill is set, to help eliminate confusion moving forward.

These are from version 1.0.06:


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