LightBurn 1.2 installed but no autosetup for laser?

Hi, I’ve just installed Lightburn 1.2 on a clean install of Windows 10 64bit. I noticed after watching the beginners video it shows that a pop-up screen should appear for the first time and search for any lasers attached to my windows PC. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a pop-up so am stuck. How can I make it search for my laser? It automatically loads the screen ready and has not decided to search for any lasers? Any help is appreciated.

Try going through a manual creation process. Not sure of your exact Ortur model but the important parts will be:
Controller type: GRBL
Origin: Front-left (bottom-left)
Auto-home: yes
Workspace size: check the appropriate dimensions for your laser. Likely 400x400 or 400x430 mm.

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Thanks, found the solution by clicking Devices and making it search for it (several times over) but we got there in the end.

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