lightBurn 1.4.03 upgrade

installed .03 upgrade on Genmitsu LE-1620 using windows. Tried using Print&Cut feature which worked before. Now after marking 1st and 2nd locations “enabled Mode” appears in Lower Right corner of display. Also green dot appears in icon at top of display. May have been been there before but never noticed. Laser frame (print&cut)(unscaled) Ready appears. But when I hit “frame” it goes into “Busy” with a green progress line showing 98%. It never stops being busy and I have waited up to 6 minutes with no change. Have restarted PC and LightBurn to no avail. I use the Print$Cut feature a lot. Worked in previous version. Maybe its me, but please help, thx

You could try downgrading and if it then works could be a bug.

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