LightBurn 1.5.01 crashs

Since I updated to LightBurn 1.5.01 all operation are and it has crashed. I did not have any issues with 1.4.05

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Did you get a crash report? We would like to see that if you do. What specific steps, or what were you doing when you got the crash? The more information the better. We want to try to reproduce these conditions here, so we can address the issue. :slight_smile:

I did not get a crash report . Anything I did was slow to respond. Selecting objects was slow.
Tried to dock simple shapes I the message that LightBurn was not responding. I tried restarting my computer. That didn’t help.

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Thank you, @jwb1965. When you say, “I tried restarting my computer. That didn’t help.”, is that because the computer did not restart? Was the reboot successful? Tell us more about the computer and OS used? You have the option to roll back to an older version (← click this) to see if this changes the behavior back to performing well for you. I might suggest doing that. Please do let us know how things progress.

The computer restarted fine . LightBurn did not change. It’s not the computer that’s the problem. It is a window desktop that’s less than 2 years old

Windows machine, thank you for that. There have been one or two more reports similar to yours and further investigation is underway. Thank you.

For now, roll back a version and we will update here once a resolution is available.

I reinstalled v 1.5.01 and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks