Lightburn 8 mp 4k-N Not working

I am at wits end with this camera. I opened it, placed it in the housing, plugged it all in and hooked it up to the computer. When using the windows camera app to adjust the camera focus it worked for about 5 seconds and then froze up. The following are all of the things I’ve tried so far to no avail.

I rebooted the laptop
I checked for and updated any out of date drivers
I checked for updates
I disabled the internal camera thinking there might be a conflict somewhere
I even double checked that the lens cover wasn’t on just because it’s turning out to be one of those days.
I’ve tried all of the usb ports on the laptop, (the ports work with anything else I plug into them so that got ruled out.)

The camera I was using before for my laser works just fine if that helps with the troubleshooting.

If I have to break the news to my husband that this non-refundable new camera doesn’t work and doesn’t even weigh enough to use as a paperweight, doghouse will be the understatement of the century!

Laser XTool D1 10 watt

Windows 11 Home V21H2

Dell Laptop used just for running my laser
|Processor|Intel(R) Core™ i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz|
|Installed RAM|8.00 GB (7.90 GB usable)|
|Device ID|2297D47F-C325-42FA-9763-380A76279201|
|Product ID|00325-96467-23148-AAOEM|
|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|
|Pen and touch|No pen or touch input is available for this display|

Windows has an elaborate system of permissions to allow apps/programs to access cameras.

It looks like you’ve covered the first four suggestions in this article.
Have a look at Step 5. Hope this gets you unstuck.

Since my original post I’ve been contacted by someone with Lightburn. I had already covered all that was on the checklist and a few other things by the time I reached out for help. It is appearing that the issue is either with the cable or the camera itself being faulty. I won’t be able to narrow that down until the replacement arrives.
I greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond.
Thank you

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