Lightburn aborts engraving

Hello There,

I’m using lightburn connected to my cr20 (wich has a 0.5 watt laser addon module)
If I save the image to a .Gcode and upload it to octoprint and run it there, it works fine till the end.
But if I want to run it directly from my desktop it stops after about 23 seconds.

Do note when I upload it to octoprint (raspberry pi 3B+) it saves it to the onboard SD from the RBP. then goes through serial connection to the 3d printer and works fine.

Uping my RX/TX buffer size in marlin didn’t help as it will still keep stopping after about 21-23 seconds. (I’m running an skr V1.3 32-bit board so there shouldn’t be a problem here)
Power management is completely turned off for the USB connections since that also interfered with some hardware I’m using for the desktop.

Also found out that “get current position” is still off. If I move my X-axis 10mm to the right it shows in lightburn as X800.

Anyone knows a possible fix?

Olay, so I also had problems like in this post : Scan Issues - Marlin - Diode laser

so I decided to change that in my marlin firmware aswell. Now it just runs the whole engraving without trouble.

My best guess is that the delay on the pwm fan get’s to full and marlin’s build in “serial_joverrun_protection” kicks in somehow.

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