Lightburn and Endurance Lasers on Marlin MPCNC

Hi guys,

I was hoping maybe someone with a bit more experience with lasers could help me out with tuning my 3.5watt endurance laser using Lightburn. The laser is controlled by TTL on Fan0 on a Rambo Board running marlin (MPCNC)

I can get some okay scans at 5mm/s but much more and I get a lot of ghosting appear. I have made a test file based on some Lightburn help documents and seem to have reached a hurdle I cannot get past. I’ve separated the line spacing to better show the “offset” I keep seeing when I scan an image or object. The attached image shows the results. I’ve checked the belts, laser mounting, and gantry for tightness. I did read a post about lens tightness that I will check when home tonight, but I was hoping someone might have a better idea as to why the lines have a ripple effect.

Just following up. It appears my issue was with recent marlin firmware. If anyone is running a Merlin device v2+ let me know and I can provide some info