Lightburn and Ruida

I have a Chines 70Wat laser running on Lightburn. Can I bypass the CO2 laser and fit a BL10WF 10/80Watt blue laser head. The BL10 has a PWM input.

I’ll assume a Ruida controller?

Just get it mounted correctly and set the Ruida tube type to RF mode with no pre-ignition.

Ensure, once mounted, it is within it’s focal distance to the table.


Yes it’s a Ruida controller, thanks for the reply.
Only 3 connections to make, Pos+, -Ve and PWM How id you connect these into the Ruida… And did you find the 80Watt laser any good.


With wires…?

Not sure what you mean? It wires up just like an RF laser is wired up. Other than a common ground, only pwm from the controller and power for the module.

Is your supply capable of supplying what you need?


thanks Jack,

If you’re confused, please speak up…


Speak up! well here goes Jack, I have been running a 70watt Chinese laser with Lightburn for 3 or 4 years now and quite honestly I have been happy with save for the following reason. It’s a pig to line up the mirrors and get a cut that’s perfectly vertical through the material. I have managed to cut through 10mm acrylic in a single pass. Then the problems arise when I bought a 10w/80 blue laser, maker unknown. I heard all sorts of promises of the blue laser managing to cut materials up to 40mm or so thick. Well i Thought with the lack of mirrors then the cut should be Vertical through the material. So with that in mind I purchased my D-Bl10/80 without giving it due consideration. Firstly, will it perform as well as my Co2 70W laser?. Will the gantry be able to run faster than that of the CO2?. And maybe a whole host of other questions. for instance, is there a ready made hardware kit to retrofit this onto my existing gantry?. Is there a set distance from the material surface to achieve focus. And finally what am I to gain by fitting the blue laser. Am am now aware how to connect this up to my Rueda controller and make the relevant changes to the Lightburn so no issues there (thanks Jack)
Many thanks
George (Bonnie Scotland)

Highly doubt it, your co2 is 70W out, the ssl is 10W out… are you really expecting the same results?

Depends on the material, if it’s foam, it might…

However, even using 10 passes, it would have to do 4mm/pass…

Some of these ssl could compare to your 70W depending on material – some of these ssl modules have 70W of output power (14 ssl) such as this Ikier Pro Max 70. However I’ve never seen a ssl at a power higher than 5.5W.

The laser module will respond quicker, but if the mass of the module is greater than the head it’s replacing, that usually results in lower performance – speed and acceleration wise.

Education and it makes your cooling system moot – doubtful it be of any other benefit.

I don’t know of any. I found the bushing/mount that is on my machine, with all the measurements. This allowed me to draw up a mount that will fit the diode and the bushing in freecad, exported an svg and cut it on the co2. I used doubled up acrylic to mount the head.

This is generally fixed, if not, the range is limited. You have to know the focal distance and use it to ensure you can focus it once mounted. It’s a drag to get it together and find you can’t focus the laser :grimacing:

Hope this answers your questions… good luck

We’re here if there are other issues.


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Thanks again Jack, all pretty negative on the part of the blue laser. From Laser tree. I guess I’ll stay with the co2, you’ve been very helpful. I just seen news from Laser Pecker and its inro of the new Mk5 fibre laser.

Yep, saw it, they call it an LP5 on their site… none of the videos work, neither does their faq’s. If they can give you $800 off it to buy it now, it makes me wonder what the total cost is.

I always liked the idea, but haven’t seen anything functional.


Sure does make you wonder, must keep an eye on it.
I don’t think I’ll settle for anything less than a fibre laser.