Lightburn and XTool D1

Question, I just upgraded to a XTool D1, issue I am having is the Y move function. I hit the up arrow and it moves down, I hit the down arrow and it moves up

any ideas? Thanks

Make sure the origin setting in Edit->Device Settings is set to the upper left dot.

Also, not sure if your profile is updated but make sure you have set the device to GRBL, not GRBL-M3.

that did it, but when I changed my image flap 180


Any designs made prior will need to be adjusted. However, motion should be correct and burns should be created in the correct orientation.

Yea, I am finding that out. Ok not a big deal as long as this thing works better than my old 2 watter i had.

Thanks so much for your help

Be aware that there are several folks on this forum that have had trouble with their D1 due to some suboptimal GRBL configurations that cannot be user changed. Apparently there are fixes on the way for some of this but have been late in coming.

Yea I found that out, I update my controller and have a similar issue with my Y axis, until I figured out what i needed to change on $2 and $3, $3 I had to change to 5 to get the move commands to work. This did not work on the D1

Well, if it really came down to it you could swap the laser module from the D1 into your old setup and work out a way to mount it. Might need to upgrade your power supply in that case or power the laser module separately.

no it is going now, time to start burning stuff, thanks

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