Lightburn axis distortion

I’m using the latest version of lightburn and an xtool d1 pro. For whatever reason, if i try to cut or burn larger shapes, they always become distorted. If I do something say 200x200mm, it measures out exactly and is fine. I’ve done some searching but suspect the terms i’m using are incorrect thus not getting a lot of possible solutions. I did happen to calibrate with a camera at one point, then stopped using the camera. Rotary is not enabled. Any other thoughts on what I could/should try?

In what way are they distorted? Screenshots and photos are helpful to understand what you’re dealing with.

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The x axis is never equal to the y axis. Its hard to tell, but if you were to cut 2 circles and randomly try to hlue then together youd fond theyre more oval than tound. It appears the y axis cut is correct, but the x axis cuts short even though x and y are the same

Check for some sort of mechanical binding along the axis that runs short. With power off, does laser module move smoothly and effortlessly to all corners of the machine? If you’re only experiencing this at larger sizes the binding could be occurring at a specific local position.

Often times this would be caused by stepper motor calibration issues but xTool doesn’t allow for calibration changes so that’s not an option in any case. Also, since you’re saying this is only an issue at larger sizes I would suspect something mechanical. Look for some of the following:

  1. frame is not square and gets increasingly harder to move in one direction
  2. debris or something impeding movement at some point
  3. wheels, rails, or bearings are malformed
  4. belts are malformed or potentially stretched along some part

Just do an overall mechanical review to see if there’s anything that could be preventing free movement.

I can’t tell from the pictures but how much variation are you seeing in width vs height for the circle? If it’s within a millimeter it’s possible that it’s due to the asymmetric shape of the laser dot. You’d need to measure very accurately to determine that.

If you wanted to do so systematically you could run 2 tests:

  1. create 5 or so evenly sized squares edge aligned in a row. Cut them out. Then measure the width of all 5 pieces while held tight together.
  2. repeat above but do so in a column. Compare the measurement against the output of the first test.

I didnt see your reply, but I did happen to run it in creative space and it cut perfect so its definitely a config in lightburn

In the images the x coordinate wasnt going the full length which distorted the shape.

That unlikely but let’s check for it.

Take the original design that you had an issue with, then do File->Save gcode. Save with a .txt extension and then upload the file here.

If it’s working okay in Creative Space then the reduces the chance for a mechanical fault but I’d still suggest you do a full mechanical review. There may be something non-obvious or which occurs only at a specific area of the bed.

What are the actual dimensions of the shape as designed and the resulting burn?

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