Lightburn Best Practices and Templates - Postings declined Forum?

I appreciate that this may not be the correct way but hope that a moderator of the above is on line. For some unknown reason all my posts are being declined and I have absolutely no reason why, even a simple “Hello”. is being declined as not meeting standards. Any moderators about?

It’s not clear what you’re referring to. Is this a category on this forum? Or are you possibly referring to a Facebook group?

Sorry for not being clear enough. Yes this is a Facebook forum and despite requests its impossible to find out why I. was being deleted. On the off chance a FB monitor follows this web site I posted. Delete if inappropeiate

Those aren’t run by the LB team. Just other users.

Mine tend to get dumped form LightBurn Laser Creations on FB as well. I’ve given up trying to post anything helpful over there and admins don’t often repy.