Lightburn camera and Mac Big Sur

Any idea when the camera will work with the Big Sur OS , would like to purchase one

We have released a patch (9.24) for the communications issues we were seeing, and yes - this had caused camera capture issues with Big Sur systems. Based on the testing feedback we have received, people who’ve tried the released version reported that it is working now as expected, even on Big Sur.

Prior to placing your order for our camera, you can try this out for yourself. Running Big Sur with the latest macOS version of LightBurn, if you can capture an image from your FaceTime camera, then ours will work too. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the follow up , on a Boss LS 1420 what would be the best suited camera angle , I’m thinking it would not have to be very wide as the bed is only 20” wide , thinking less angle would result in less distortion and less correction equals better image , is that reasonably?

Hard to say as there is a missing piece of data required to answer. You need to pick a mounting point and get the measurement from there to a well focused bed plain. Once you have that number, look to the ‘Help’→’Camera Selection Help’ and follow along for suggestions. Double-click the choice to be taken to the purchase page for that camera.

More information on the entire subject can be found here: Using a Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation

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