Lightburn Camera calibration and alignment will be safed in settings?

Hello! My name is Ralph and I am the CEO of Allplast-Laser in Germany. As we are the producer of the “Thunderlaser Made in Germany” we are setting up the machine, lightburn and more and more the camera in lightburn.
Right now we do the calibration and alignment for each customer machine when we are at the customer company with customer hardware / laptop. So when open lightburn the customer can use the camera immediatly. This works fine. But when we set up the camera with alignment and calibration is done on my laptop how do I get this settings into the lightburn on the customer computer?

Thank you in advance very much for your help!

Right-clicking on the Camera Control window will give you options for Export and Import of camera settings.

Oh. Thank you very much! So it will also possible to install in our showroom in each machine a camera. And when I show the Nova 63 with the installed camera I just import the settings for this Nova 63 camera. And same I can do for the Nova 35 and more.
So I am very flexibel! Great!
Thank you very much for this quick and helpful answer!


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