Lightburn camera configuration is glitching somehow and I can’t see

Hey I need some help with my new lightburn camera. I’ve been at this for a few hours and can’t figure it out. I’ve been trying to attached pictures but keep getting uploading errors. I have an 80w RB and the camera is a 150*. It’s mounted on the backside of the lid handle. I’ve messed with focus and stacking things for more stability. Taping it to a cardboard box. Blocked the reflection from the lid.

I don’t know what to do. I can see my camera in lightburn when I access the lens calibration but when I click capture absolutely nothing happens. No picture pops up, no error info, nothing. UNTIL AFTER QUITE SOME TIME I decided to expand the pop up window wherein a black screen is now showing but I’m getting either really bad scores when the picture actually shows or my best at .21 but it’s a tiny circle like it’s out of focus (where I’ve focused and refocused). My bed is covered and no honeycomb is showing.


There, I was able to upload photos. the last one is supposed to be a video. Showing how when I click capture nothing happens until I expand the popup window.

Do not concern yourself with the appearance of the image, only the score. As long as you’re getting good scores continue with the calibration.

A few additional tips:

  1. It looks like you’re holding up a loose sheet of paper. Ideally the calibration pattern would be dead flat. Try pasting to something that’s known flat like MDF or poster board.
  2. You needn’t do the calibration with the camera mounted to the laser. It can be done somewhere else more convenient or free from potential distractions. This is not true for alignment. That must be done in the fixed location where you will have your camera.

So my problem is i don’t know where in the tic tac toe square i should be placing it. All my research yesterday showed a # in red of where to place your image. I can see the illustration at the top of left right center but that’s it.

The paper is taped to thin cardboard.

I did later see the camera did not need to be placed before configuring but its already attached and wires ran

If it’s floppy or wavy at all this will contribute to distortion in the calibration.

I’m not sure what this might be referring to. Follow the illustrations to know the location. It will change for every step.

Follow the placement and the orientation as indicated:

I will try a thicker material.

Two tutorials I watched and read were from lightburn and they showed this red # in their instructions.

I try to follow the illustrations but idk if I’m on the right position. If it’s showing to the side then is it too middle or bottom?

Are you talking about the capture? If so, again, don’t pay attention to the captured image, only the score. The captured image reflects more than the raw capture so is not necessarily indicative of the progress of the calibration process.

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