Lightburn camera fits holder loosely


I just rec’d my camera and 3d printed camera holder from Lightburn.
The camera circuit board fits into the printed holder very loosely.
Is there some recommended way to make the fit tighter? double sided tape, or folded paper maybe?
any insights appreciated!

I used a thin piece of packing foam, <= 1/8" thick, to stabilize the camera inside my version of the holder. It prevents the camera from moving without exerting excessive force on the camera PCB.

Yes that works well. I used a thin piece of cardboard.

A very small dab of silicone, a thin bit of foam (like EVA) or something similar works. I have to make them with a small amount of slop to account for variance in the prints.

Thanks for the reply. I cut a small strip of cardboard to back up the circuit board. That tightened up the fit and makes it stable.

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