Lightburn camera installation instrutions

ok, i’ve got a 8mp 110* camera, i have cut a case for it out of 3mm ply and getting ready to mount and calibrate the camera…EXCEPT… for some reason i can’t find the instructions to do it.
i’ve seen the videos but they all talk about a walkthru with some printed dot alignment targets… where do i find that?

great walkthru but i’m not that far. trying to find the instructions where he got the target

Check out 2:12 on that video

Finally got it. At first it kept sending me to a dead url link.
Got it printed, now trying to get it to capture.
It keeps locking up my computer. I’ll get the first one done then it goes unresponsive.

Something doesn’t like my computer

make sure you print the dot pattern so it’s the size listed in the instructions and then you need to attach it to a flat piece of stiff material so there is no warping at all. Anything less than flat will cause the algorithms to work hard to try and figure out what’s going on.

Have you seen these:

If you have a honeycomb bed, cover it with a sheet of cardboard, the honeycombs can confuse the calibration procedure and cause it to lock up or crash.

covered with 5mm ply 4’x4’ … seemed to do the trick
now trying to do the alignment part.

for a bed that is 1600x1000 mm how big does 4 part target need to be? camera actually only able to view roughly 1600 x 762 mm… the lid is hinged about 2/3rds the way across my bed, so part of bed is under a fixed portion of the top.

ok, got it done, but not good detail if i zoom in. I’m thinking this might be important if i am trying to place stuff with some precision.
the focus looks good on the full bed, but goes blurry if zooming in. it was a little hard to mark the centers of the targets in the alignment section because it wasn’t real clear.

8mp 110* lightburn camera mounted 863mm above surface.
Oz had recommended under 940mm, so that is what i did for positioning.

The camera is manual focus - Did you focus it on the bed after mounting? If you’re on Windows 10, run the Camera app full screen and just twist the lens slowly until you get the best focus you can.

Newbie question here. Does the camera help align your image to the substrate?

Yes - it gives you features similar to the camera on a Glowforge.

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