Lightburn camera lens

Hey lightburn

i brought 2 x 8MP LightBurn Camera (4K-W) 95 degree

i was wondering if the lens just change for the 110 degree ( if so can i buy 2)

i finding at the moment it only just slightly to small. I thought i worked it out correctly but i guess i was wrong.

thanks glen

I don’t have just the lenses for the 8MP cameras. I’ll have to check with our supplier if they do (and if they’re easily swapped). They’re in the middle of their Chinese New Year holiday, and won’t be back in the office until Feb 1st. Message me back on that day and I’ll follow up with them.


can you follow up on this please and thanks :slight_smile:

It’s going to be a while - The coronavirus outbreak means they’re likely not back in the office until Feb 9th. I’ll ask, and they’ll get back to me when they can.

ok no problem thanks.

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