Lightburn camera not getting the whole table, Any options?

So I bought the 4k-w 110 degree lightburn camera, and i do not get the whole table. And it looks weird. What any of you done to get your whole table?

When a lens does not have the desired coverage, there are only two options, increase the distance to the object or get a wider lens. There is also a camera help option that will assist you somewhere in the Light Burn camera setup software that takes this into consideration and makes suggestions on a good focal length for your situations. This is from a photographers view… (8’)

There is a zoom option in the camera section, I believe, hopefully that’s not interfering…

Good luck, let us know…

As mentioned, if you did not choose a focal length in line with the distance the camera is mounted then moving the camera is your option.

This statement does not provide any information to respond on. What looks weird (the physcial camera, the image that you see on the screen from the camera)? What does weird look like when you say it looks weird?

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