Lightburn camera not

I installed the LightBurn camera did alignment etc (it took forever for it to align with that dot paper) and when I print out the pattern and then I try to add a design it is not where it should be… when I go to check the accuracy it is off by at least 1/2" and why is it so hard for my camera to get any type of score for the dots


It helps if you glue the paper to a flat board. You can also tilt the board to get lower scores. Calibrating camera can be frustrating. My last calibration came out a total unusable mess. Luckily, I was able to go back to a previous calibrating that was misaligned by several inches and just moved the alignment.

Did you do both steps of setting up the camera?
There are two:

  • Camera Calibration, which tells LightBurn how to flatten out the field of view of the lense. This is the step with the printed pattern on the card that you described.
  • Camera Alignment, which tells LightBurn where the camera is in relation to the bed of the machine. This is the bit where you engrave some scrap with the alignment markers and click the points.