LightBurn Camera Overview issue

Having a problem with my LB Camera. I’m runing Windows 10 It had been working fine but now UGH… The image on the right of the screen is OK ans shows my entire work bed but the overview capture is being cropped. It’s not showing the full work bed and is being centered on the work grid leaving about 2" on each side. It there any setting that my have gotten messed up? I’m running a Boss 1420 and my work grid is set at 14 x 20. Any Ideas??

Is the Image on the right of the screen in LightBurn, or is the camera open in another app? Other apps can change camera settings and often those settings stick. Have you or did you open the camera in another app? Please capture what you’re seeing on your screen. I’ve asked the support team for further insight and recommendations.

Yes the camera image is only opened with LB. I bought this laptop new and it’s only used with LB. It’s not connected to the internet. I don’t run any other programs on it, just the windows 10 OS. I’m going to try to unload LB and clean off everything on it and then reload and re-calibrate the cam. Hopefully something in LB just got messed up and that will correct it… Tnx John

Can you show a picture of what you’re seeing before you do this? Is the camera connected with JUST the cable it came with, or are you using an extension? Did you try to re-use an existing set of alignment marks? (that’s a common mistake that will cause the camera overlay image to look very odd)

No I can post a picture. I fixed the issue. But to answer your question, Yes it is connected directly to my computer. No extension. I printed a new set of DOTS and did a re-calibrate and realignment. That has corrected the problem I was having. I don’t know what happened because it had been work fine for over 6 months and then everything went to pot…