Lightburn Camera - Position and Where to buy

I just purchased my laser a couple of days ago (has not arrived yet) is it possible to go ahead and buy a camera or will I need to have my laser to measure first? And also, since the official lightburn cameras seem to always be sold out, where else can I get one and which one should I get (need to figure out angle of lense and etc…) Possible to buy now or should I wait ?

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Yes please. Wait, and do your research. :slight_smile: There is a lot of valuable information available on this forum, covering all manner of the lasering experience. Search, found at the top-right of each page is your friend.

I will share some starting points.

Yes, as described in this procedure:

One of our members created this to help double-check your math:

The global supply chain for all things has been severely impacted by COVID19 and this includes our camera supplier. We are updating the main banner on our site with supply status regularly.

Search will return many posts that cover this question in detail and save me from retyping. :slight_smile:

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