Lightburn Camera problem

Got my Lightburn camera today. Plugged it in and got a message that the camera isn’t working or drivers need to be reinstalled.
Is there any special drivers for the lightburn camera?
Windows 10 update up to date. Acer gaming laptop 2018 model I7 processor and so on…

Cant figure this out…
Anyone got any idea what to do. Lightburn 160 degree lens bought from lightburn.

Tested on 3 computers, all showing the same error :
The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned. and Windows does not recognize it.

Hi Anders. Can you PM me, or email support at lightburnsoftware with the name you purchased under, or your order details? I can’t find anything under your name, but I’m happy to send a replacement if you can provide that info.

No problem. It was under my wifes name it was paid and sent to / Monica Frøjd

Found it - You ordered a 160 degree camera, which we’re out of, but new stock should be arriving tomorrow. I’ll send a replacement as soon as I have them.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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