LightBurn Camera Severe Lag and Freezing

Hi again! I have been using my new LightBurn 8MP 120W camera with v1.0.04 on a Macbook Air running MacOS 10.12.6. My Thunder Nova 51-100W has a Ruida RDLC-V8.07.69 controller.
Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 8.20.24 PM

I have been experiencing lots of lag and freezing of the camera. I often have to unplug and reconnect the camera and/or quit LightBurn and start all over to get the camera to be responsive again. I understand my older Mac may be the problem, but wondering if there is anything I can do (short of buying a new computer) that would improve the responsiveness and freezing issues.

Is the camera connected through a hub or extension cable, or just the cable it came with?

Camera cable → USB 3.0 female to female adapter ( → internal Thunder Nova USB cable disconnected from the U-disk port that then exits to a female USB socket on the side of the machine → USB 3.0 male to male 6.6ft. cable ( to my MacBook Air

This is the exact set up and installation that Thunder Laser USA sells and recommends for connectivity.

Try connecting directly from the camera to the Mac, bypassing the others - if that works, it’s possible that the extra cable length is the issue USB is only rated for 16 feet without amplification, and the cameras push a LOT of data through those cables.

Thanks for the advice, but the camera cable is too short too reach my computer. It barely reaches the interconnect cable inside the hardware bay of the Thunder 51 laser. I may be reaching the limit of that 16ft. you mentioned with the 6.6ft. cable from laser to computer.

Do you have a USB booster you recommend I try?

And do you suspect my outdated hardware (10 year old MacBook Air) is to blame as well?

It could be the computer, but I run the camera with my 2014-ish era MacBook and it’s fine. If the software is sluggish while the camera is running, then it could be the machine. If it’s ONLY the camera that’s sluggish, then it’s likely a poor connection.

Any powered repeater cable should work. Look for Active USB 2.0 extension cable on Amazon. Anything that comes with a power adaptor should do the trick, as long as it’s USB 2.0 rated or better.

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Thanks for the advice! My computer and software isn’t slow- it’s only the camera. I’ll give the powered repeater a try.

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