Lightburn camera viewing angle selection

The camera selection help tool has narrowed things down. 8mp with 1.33 aspect. The mounting height is 31". Technically both the 75 and 120 meet the minimum mounting height of 13.3" and 23.3". That’s quite a difference in viewing angles so I figured I’d post for some advice.

Does the camera plug to the USB of a Bridge? edit: I see that it currently does not.

Thanks. Input on the viewing angle?

I have this one on mine…

8MP 70° Wide Angle Lens USB Camera Module 3264*2448 w/IMX179

Everything calibrates OK. It is mounted at 23.5"

I have it going through the Lightburn Pi via OBS and see it in Lightburn. Never had one directly connected, so can’t advise you.

As you can see the 70° seems plenty wide on my machine.

Good luck


Is that Dilbert? :wink:

If you had to mount your camera 8" higher do you think you’d still prefer 70?

Didn’t say I preferred it. Just that the software appears to be very forgiving in this area.

If all is as it appears, which is rare, I would probably go down to a 50°, but it’s just a guess. I have more than what I need.

Mine is also a smaller machine, 3050


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