Lightburn Camera: Which one to use?

Since I have a 1300mm x 900mm working area for my laser machine, what camera can you recommend? FOV angle? I have tried using a webcam, but sadly it does not cover all of the working area of my machine.
Also how many MP do I need for my camera? my current webcam setup has a low resolution I cannot trace the detail less than 2 inch.


The best answer I can give you right now is none at all. I need to know how far above the work surface you will mount the camera, because if you plan to mount it 10mm above the answer is dramatically different than if you’re mounting 10 feet away.

With a bed of that size, an 8mp (or higher) camera would be better. It is worth noting that the camera trace feature is largely a gimmick for children - it’s cool, and it does work, but it works best with Sharpie drawings - its not accurate enough for precision scanning. For that, using a proper scanner will be much better. The camera is intended to help you accurately place designs on material.

I mounted my current camera about 90cm from the work bed, still I cannot get the whole area of the work bed. I do not intend to use the camera to trace a design or graphic. My main use of the camera is to position the graphic/design to a number of small work piece. Also will try to the PRINT & CUT feature of the software.

Print & Cut does not use the camera - you just use the red-dot pointer to align with that.

For the bed size and height you have, I have a camera that would work for you. I’ll send you a link.


This is really helpful for me to learn and understand the correct terms and familiarize my machine more.

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