LightBurn Camera Wireless Options

HELP: Is there a way to go wireless with the camera? I want the bridge kit so that I don’t have to sit right on top of the laser with my laptop, but now the USB to the camera needs to be plugged into the computer to function. I’m not sure why I thought the USB would need to be connected to the laser itself, but I might not have made that purchase if I knew it needed to be connected to the computer to function.

I think is odd that the camera is at the far bottom of the laser. Why not in the middle? If you mount it in the middle/sideways, can you flip the orientation of the camera so that the image is accurate? My lighting in the shop is not great and it took me forever to do the dot test. I’m still not convinced that it is accurate.

Hi Cindy, welcome to the forum.

At this point there is no Lightburn accepted mechanism. They are working on one for the Lightburn Bridge.

I had a Pi around, so I configured it with the Lightburn software and have been using it for a while now.

I am using this …

Good luck


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