Lightburn camera won't recognize

I have a k40 with cohesion3d card and am attempting to install a lightburn camera I purchased from the cohesion 3d web site. I have read all the posts and watched the install video. I just can’t get to first base because it will not be recognized with ether of my laptops. Windows 10 and osx machine. Any help?

Are you saying that your Windows OS and Mac OS are not “seeing” the camera when you plug it in? Or your OS sees it but LightBurn does not?

Windows OS and Mac OS are not “seeing” the camera when I plug it in

On Windows you should hear a “bing!” when you plug it in. Do you get that? Can you see it in the Windows Device Manager?

when I plug in the usb it does make that noise. Checking under device manager it shows up as "Unknown USB device (Device Description Request failed)

I’am beginning to believe I got a bad unit.

any advice on what I should possibly try to get this camera to recognize

If neither Windows or Mac are seeing the camera, check to make sure the cable isn’t damaged and the connector is seated properly on the camera side. If that doesn’t work, you may indeed have a bad unit - we have seen a couple failed units - it happens.

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