Lightburn can't detect/connect to my Laser

Lightburn cant detect/connect to my Laserstorm L5 Pro Laser, Newly installed and running but yet to work with the Lightburn Software.

There are multiple reasons that LightBurn might not see your laser, so let’s try and get you connected and set up :slight_smile:

Could you share what part of LightBurn isn’t detecting the laser? If “Find My Laser” isn’t seeing it, you may need to confirm that the other laser software is closed (as usually only one device can access it at once).

If you set up the device using the Manual Setup what does LightBurn show in the bottom right corner for status?

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Thank you so much, you have just solved the problem… I have always turned on two software to run at the same time that is why Lightburn could not work each time i tried to use it.

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Glad you’re up and running, happy lasing!

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