Lightburn can't find my laser on list

Hi just bought this new machine, and downloaded the free trial of lightburn as it was recommended to try, but It can’t find my laser, and I can’t find it manually on the list. I tried Grbl but that doesn’t seem to work. Any help would be appreciated please.

Which software was supplied with the machine itself? If it’s Mach3 based, that won’t work with LightBurn, but if it’s GRBL based, you likely just need a driver.

It’s lasergrbl that came with it but can’t get that to connect to it either. Installed all the drivers but still won’t connect.

Check all the cables are connected properly and the board is powered. Can you show a picture of the control board?

Hi, sorted, usb lead wasn’t working, tried another lead and it’s picked it up straight away. Thanks for all your help guys :blush:

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