LightBurn can't recognize my laser

LightBurn can’t recognize my laser.
I just got a Chinese 50 w fiber laser and the program EZCAD works just fine. I want to use LightBurn to run it.
I installed it on my laptop" windows 10" 64 bit, and ( I did check the FTDI to be installed,) I failed after many tries I came here for help.
the setup fail
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015
Redistributable (x64) - 14.0.23026

the hardware is described in EZ CAD:
Board type: LMC V4 FIB
Board V4.0.2
Custom: General Custom
SN: 32004LI40621B

function Fly, Fly2, HWstart. Long Text Input Lock,Input

LightBurn does not currently support galvo-based fiber lasers.

:frowning: is it going to at some point?

I would like it to, but we’re nowhere near that goal yet.

Thank you.


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