Lightburn causes webcam to disconnect

I have a webcam that I use to watch the progress. I don’t want to set it up in Lightburn, it’s just so I can check in on it. When running the camera app alone everything is fine. But when I start Lightburn, the camera constantly disconnects and reconnects. I don’t have any cameras selected in Lightburn. When I quit Lightburn, the camera behaves normally again. I’m guessing Lightburn is polling the cameras? Is there any way to disable camera usage?

Not sure if it will work but perhaps revoke security permission for the camera from LightBurn.

Also maybe change the Camera Capture System in Settings from Custom to Default. That might change the disconnect behavior.

Neither of those worked. Removing desktop program camera permission actually seemed to make it cycle faster :slight_smile:

Yeah… not really sure. I’ve used a camera for the same purpose as you and never experienced this issue.

Have you tried configuring the camera in LightBurn

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