Lightburn causing Laser to skip

On sunday, i ran files on lightburn with no problems. today - i ran the same files and my laser was skipping and not completing cuts. Now - let me state this - 1. this is NOT a belt issue. The belts X and Y have been inspected and are tight. 2. i can run the same file with another laser control software with the same settings and it does a beautiful job. so can someone please explain to me why in the course of 2 days this is happening. Aufero Laser support is nonexistant with this problem.

Can take a photo of what you’re seeing?

So with this statement is your assertion that this is a software issue?

Unless you’re running the same code it’s not like for like. Try Saving gcode from LightBurn and run in a different program. Do you get the same results?

Can you also upload the .lbrn file here? It could simplify troubleshooting. If you cannot for some reason can you take a screenshot of your Cut settings?

Please also confirm whether or not your Preview looks correct.

Cutting at 500 speed, 100 power. This this the same setting i used on sunday with no issues, same file.

Are you able to post the .lbrn file?

HomeSweetHomeBOLD.lbrn2 (84.0 KB)

preview mode shows a skip - so the image is not correct

ah-ha! i think i found it- the tab/bridges button was selected on - this it?

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Haha. Looks like you got it.

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thank you for your assistance!

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