Lightburn cloaes as soon as I try to open a file

I have reloaded the software and the problem is here But can not open any file with in weather in is form a file on my computer or a file on a flash drive.

LightBurn shouldn’t close out like that.
Are you willing to share a couple of files?

I’d like to take a look at one of those and one of your .lbprefs files to see if I can see anything unusual.

You can find the .lbprefs file by searching your C: drive.

The .lbprefs file contains the information about your preferences, and how you set up LightBurn and how you prefer to work. It contains no personal information, but may contain whatever names and words that are in your filenames or directories.

If they’re saved to a shared service or an external drive they can lose data and become damaged or corrupted.

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