Lightburn closes during a job

Not an annoyance at all. It’s absolutely mission critical for us to see why this is happening. It helps you resolve this, It helps us understand the why and what or how to prepare for it, and it often helps countless others for weeks and months to come. It’s an important part of my role here and it’s my pleasure to help with this.

In LightBurn, at the bottom of the Help menu there’s a button that says “Enable Debug Log” When you click it you’ll see a check mark which turns on event logging in LightBurn and Saves a Local file.

Use LightBurn until the same symptom emerges then with LightBurn closed open ‘My Documents’ and look for the Debug Log.

In your email to please use the Subject line: “Attn: John Re: Forum 99450 Lightburn Closes” and attach the Debug log file and the LightBurn project (lbrn or lbrn2) file you were working on at the time.

I’ll get it to the Dev team as soon as I can.

After you’ve sent the file, go back into LightBurn and turn off the Debug File Logging. Then rename, move or delete the file. The Debug Log file will continuously append data forever when enabled.

Moving or deleting the file keeps us from chasing the old problem next time debug logging is turned on.