Lightburn Crash when trying to use tracing tool

I have the trial version download to my imac running running os 10.11.6
Lightburn crashes when I try to use the tracing tool. Any Ideas why?
When using the rest of the software it seems to work fine. I’m new to the laser software world.

I am still running High Sierra using the latest release of LightBurn in my production and have not seen this before. I plan to update the OS on my test system but have not done so, you are motivating me. :slight_smile:

Do you get a crash report when this happens? If so, please send that along with reference to this thread to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can take a look.

What are you trying to trace?

I don’t get a crash report - when I select the image and click trace it just crashes.

LightBurn Oz
I have tried a few different images - they are all line art images nothing with a lot of detail


I do get a crash report and have sent it via email to

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I’m running Mohave on my development box, but I’m not getting a crash. I looked at the crash report, but unfortunately the crash is just inside the tracing library we use, and so I can’t tell what died. I’ll poke around and see I can find anything else.

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Thanks LightBurn OZ

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