Lightburn crash

Hello. While creating a file in LIGHTBURN with multi layers, my computer crashed. I restarted computer and returned to my LIGHTBURN file. The file was re-siezed, inverted, and not in the same measured space. Also all my saved LIGHTBURN files are all corrupted. Example, I have two images i burn onto a tumbler. One image will be inverted while the other is not in aligned.
I attempted to recreate my file. When i send the file to my laser (Boss) the file is inverted or not mirrored to my computer image.
I also have saved files on my laser. the laser and computer files to not match.
My LIGHTBURN is updated.

When LightBurn opens a project file, it does so relative to the origin point in the device profile you’re using. It sounds like perhaps that has changed - go to Edit > Device Settings and make sure that the origin point there matches the corner that your machine moves toward while it’s homing when you first power it up.

You can see the origin of the machine on the workspace as the small red square in the corner (and mine might be in a different corner than yours):

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