Lightburn crashed and some functions dont work anymore

got this error code and sent to LB per instructions. since that time some functions dont work correctly

i sent this per instructions and yet to ear from anyone. DO i need to reload LB if so how?

Not sure exactly what you’re facing but might be resolved with reinstalling.

While you’re at it, may want to consider upgrading. If so Help->Check for Updates.

If you want to stick to the version you have download from here:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub

To install, make sure LightBurn is not running, then run the downloaded file.

LightBurn should not crash, so thank you for sending this in. The message shown is a very generic error, with very limited information provided by either the stack dump or the description included, and “some functions” doesn’t provide much detail as to what isn’t working.

Please share more about what you were doing, step by step, when this happened. I also note you are using a version (9.10) which was released some time ago. Current version as of this post is 1.0.06. Many fixes and new features have been added, and you should consider updating to the most recent release to stay current with our efforts. You can ‘Deactivate’ the version you are using and try the trial to check out the latest release.

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