Lightburn crashes after raster is complete

lIGHTBURN Closes out after raster completes and then when I re open it it says that it shut down unexpectedly and wants to know if i want to load the backup? This has already cost me hundreds on a large acrylic job. Any info would be great. running Windows 10 on PC and 1.4.0. Thanks

LightBurn shouldn’t crash.

Please have a look for a ‘Crash Report’ or Crash Log from Windows 10.

We’d like to have a look at the LightBurn file you were running in case there is something unanticipated with it.

Please email files to and include
Attn John Re Forum 103929 Crash Halt after Raster.

Thanks for reporting this. Much appreciated.

I’ll get this into the team as quickly as I can.

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