Lightburn crashes when editing text

First time using lighburn here with GRBL, im still on the trial version, and dont know if there is a difference to the purchased version.

But this bug is very repeatable:

  1. start lightburn
  2. select the text tool
  3. enter in a text
  4. click the dropdown menu to select different font
  5. boom. lightburn closes.

I’m planning to buy this piece of software, really nice interface! but just checking if this is happening in the full version?

Thank you for reporting this issue. This should not be happening in any version of LightBurn. What version of LightBurn and OS are you running? Do you get a crash report? If so, please send it to us via email to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and we will investigate.

As a side, the Trial version is the full version, just time limited. :slight_smile:

How do I generate a crash report?
Kudos to you guys! It is a wonderful piece of software, And it is also nice to see how fast the response is for a bug

Make LightBurn crash. :wink:

When this happens, are you getting any error message displayed? Any more information than “boom”? You also have not told us the version of LightBurn nor the OS you are using.

Edited: Just tested your steps without issue. No boom. :slight_smile: (Mac DSP ver 9.02; OS X - 10.13.6 - 17G6030)

If you’re using the 64 bit windows or MacOS versions you should get a call stack or crash report. You can send these to developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com along with whatever you remember about how it happened. If it was a specific font, for example, that would help,

I can duplicate this behavior on the latest beta on Linux 64-bit. Create text, select all text, and try to change font. Lightburn crashes and closes immediately. Doesn’t seem to matter which font

Which version of Linux? This is a known issue with older versions of that platform.

Elementary OS which is built on Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS

just a “boom”, no messages were displayed. and im with chaoticmind. I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ahhh… I’ll have to go dig through my emails then. I think this is an issue with Ubuntu itself, or an interaction with the Qt framework, based on when I tracked this before. 18.04 doesn’t have the issue.

I’ve meaning to upgrade. It’s just such a pain.

I am having the same issue on my 7w tech laser on a Shapeoko3. When I attempted to edit text, this is the msg I received.
Qtextoptions:tigger shape rebuild
Qtext option::qt_metacall(151)
Qmeta object::activate
Qapplication private::notify_helper
Qcore application::notify internal 2
Qwidget:: set focus widget
Qwidget::set focus
Qapplication private::give focus according to focus policy
Qapplication:: notify

Additionally, when I check the machine setting tab it says connection to controller failed. My Lightburn version is 9.02.
Mike Runyan

Which OS are you on Michael? Is it a specific font that’s doing this, or any font?

I run windows 10 and it happened on one of the fonts I downloaded(pieces of eight) and new times roman that came with the LightBurn program. When the msg appeared my project continued until I clicked ok. Then it closed the program.

Can you send me the link to where you downloaded that font? I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue. There’s a good chance this has already been fixed, but I’d like to be sure.

I am unable to remember the site. I googled pieces of eight font and downloaded it to my windows font and Lightburn picked it up on restart.

for me, it doesnt matter what the font is. it consistently crash when I do the same steps

I downloaded the Pieces of Eight font, and have no trouble with it here, so I believe this issue is fixed for the next release.

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