Lightburn crashes when importing ai 2020 files

So I finally got my machine up and running, thank you lightburn for the trial extensions! Now it seems I’m having an issue when importing ai files. Lightburn crashes every time, I’ve been using the trace to get by but seeing as how I already drew it as a vector I would like to be able to use that. What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried using both import and just opening the file. I’m running a mac with Catalina. All input and help greatly appreciate!


export SVG files from Adobe Illustrator for import into LightBurn is an option:

Thanks to your question, I also just learned that Inkscape once again support importing ai files also so it too could be used to convert ai to SVG. But even if you find a work-around, best would be to work with Oz and group to help improve LightBurn.

You likely haven’t updated to 0.9.09, and are using AI 2020 formatted files. They changed the compression format used. You can either turn off ‘Use Compression’ when saving a 2020 format file, save to a legacy AI format, or update LightBurn to the latest version.

If that’s not it, email the crashing file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and we’ll have a look.

Thanks boys that fixed it! All good now.

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you updated to the 9.09 version of LightBurn?

Yes, just did the update and its running smoothly.

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