LightBurn crashes when uploading PNG file

When I try to upload a PNG file with no background Nothing shows up on screen…then LightBurn Crashes
Attached is image and error code

This Facebook page won;t let me upload the png file…

A couple things:

  • This isn’t a Facebook page :slight_smile:

  • If you email those errors to, as requested in the dialog itself, they get logged. It’s hard for me to flag something for follow up here.

  • You should be able to attach the PNG file in question to the email address above, and if you can include a screen shot of the settings you used on the image layer, and the size of it in LightBurn, that might help. I suspect you’ve done something like set a huge image to 1000 DPI and consumed all the RAM in your computer while trying to generate the output for the laser.

  • The log suggests that the error is happening while it’s shutting down your camera control page. If you don’t have a camera, that’s very strange. I’m nearly done rewriting the entire camera system, so if this is related to that is won’t be a problem for long.

Thanks Oz
1/ I do not have a camera connected to lightburn
2/ the image was 938 x 800 at 410 kB
3/…I re-installed LightBurn and all is well …funny that this image caused issues …as I could load other PNG
But now it loads perfect…


The image itself doesn’t have much to do with the size of the final job. If I take this image and make it 1" x 1", and set it to 100dpi, I’ll get 100 x 100 dots. If I set it to 1000 dpi, I’d get 1000 x 1000 dots. The number of dots is what dictates the size of the job it generates for the machine, and how much RAM that’ll take. (this is really oversimplified, but it’s mostly true)

Anyway, it looks like it’s working now, and the entire camera system is being rewritten, so I doubt this will be a problem for much longer.

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