Lightburn Crashes whenever I hit preview on my Mac

Whenever I click preview with an image in my mac version of lightburn it freezes and is unable to run anymore. It seems to only be happening when i put an image in, self drawn shapes do not cause it to crash.

It was working yesterday but suddenly stopped working for some reason. I checked the DPI to make sure it wasn’t to high but it was set to 254. Can’t figure out what is happening and I am relatively new to lightburn.

Thanks in advance

Are you able to share the .lbrn file that is crashing? I can test to see if I get the same behavior.

It seems to be every file but here is one
test (1).lbrn2 (88.5 KB)

I’m not getting the same thing.

I’m on 1.1.04 on W11 so it’s possible it’s a Mac specific thing.

What version are you on? Did this start happening after update to 1.1.04? There was a revised update that you may not yet have received.

It is 1.1.04. I am not sure, it might have been right after that. I’ll check if there is an update I can get

I have the most recent version and am still having the same issuse

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