Lightburn crashing / not responding

Since the last update I’ve had an intermittent issue with Lightburn loading. Lightburn crashes within seconds of opening, and the only thing that sorted the issue was restarting the computer. Now today I was designing upstairs in the office, and had no issues with Lightburn. Now I have come down to laser and Lightburn with not stop crashing, it has crashed 30+ times. No restart will stop it happening. The only way I can keep Lightburn open is to unplug the camera, but when I plug it back in it crashes. I also had issues with Lightburn ‘not responding’ over the past few days. That happened with no camera plugged in. Any ideas?

I forgot to mention that there is no crash report of any kind, Lightburn just shuts down

I should also say that when plugging in the camera after LB has opened it doesn’t crash instantly, it shuts down when I select the USB camera option

Try this: Go to Edit > Settings, then at the bottom left of the settings window you’ll see ‘Capture System’. Change it from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’ and see if that helps. That will use the older capture engine instead of the rewritten custom one. It’s possible that something in your drivers is conflicting, and using the older capture engine will be using what it was before. If the new capture system is the culprit, that would fix it.

Thanks Oz, that worked

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