Lightburn Crashing on Start Up

I’ve downloaded the trial version to my Mac. When I got to start Lightburn it crashes when I attempt to find my laser. I’ve powered down my machine (shapeoko), selected a different port, uninstalled and installed Lightburn… frustrated. :confused:

There is usually a report generated when LightBurn crashes. Did you see anything like that pop on the screen?

Yes but its all jibberish to me lol

If you post a screen shot of it here, the developer will be able to help you better, as it contains the necessary info for Oz to figure out why it is crashing.

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LightBurn should never crash. Please copy and paste the entirety of the crash report you receive and send via email to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com, so it can be reviewed. Thank you for reporting this.

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I have gone ahead sent the error message to the given email.

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