LightBurn Crashing repeatedly

Help, Please!

Have not had this issue before, Lightburn is crashing during design. Was running version 0.9.22, when issue began, loaded version 0.9.24, same issue. I have been running the program over a month, the only software issue I’ve had is it was sometimes slow, no biggie, it never crashed, just had to wait 10-30 seconds, occasionally, then all good. Now, crash, trying to fill up cut area, copy, paste, crash.
I’m running Win10, Intel i-7-5600U CPU @ 2.6Ghz. Have rebooted laptop, was going to reinstall LB and see if that fixes it.
I have read previous crash posts, I am getting same crash as others, no error report, just black screen of dragon death.
BTW, the particular file that’s crashing is one that I’ve been working with for a week, have run 3 times, no previous issues.
Any suggestions are welcomed, need to get this figured out.

EDIT))) Re install appears to have worked, will leave this up for admins, so they can notate the issue, just in case it is not isolated.

@makeco Great that reinstalling worked but I have a question the dev’s might find interesting and that is how did you uninstall and then reinstall? Did you just run the LightBurn v0.9.24 installer or did you uninstall and clear any default files from the computer before re-installing?

Doug, Just a quick uninstall, did not go into the system to clear default files. Then a reinstall w/ v.0.9.24 installer. Windows doesn’t like the new version, it was telling me it was unrecognized and may be dangerous, I had to work a little for the update and the reinstall, to get it to run. I sent a report to Microsoft that I thought it could be trusted. Ran an hour long file no issues, just built another pretty good size cut file, and still no problems, seems resolved. No “not responding” either! They weren’t continuous, but were there.

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