Lightburn crashing when engraving an image

I have an image I’d like to engrave but each time I hit “start” Lightburn crashes and terminates. I’ve exported the image from photoshop as a .bmp, jpg and png with the same results. I’ve even opened the image in Mac Preview and saved it out again with the same results.

I can load the image into lightburn just fine. I can cut or engrave the other layers. I’ve replaced this image with another image I’ve engraved in the past and it works fine. It seems to be something in this image causing the issues.

I have a k40 laser cutter with an MKS sbase controller running grbl-lpc. It’s worked fine with Lightburn for months.

Can anyone suggest a workaround?

Email the project file with the image in it to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and I’ll have a look.

Is the image rotated 90 degrees, and using pass-through mode in the settings? If so, that’s likely it - I’ve just fixed another bug in the math for pass-through handling.

Yup. pass-through is enabled and it’s rotated 90 degrees. Sounds like you’re on the right track. I’ll email the failing project file to you right now.

Thanks for the prompt reply on a Saturday afternoon.

Hi Oz,

I had this issue last week and emailed over two crash reports, did they yield any results?

Yes, I’ve found and fixed the crash.

awesome, as always :slight_smile:

Oz, you mentioned pass-through and 90 degree rotation so I rotated my image in photoshop rather than lightburn and it’s engraving fine. I exported about 10 different versions of this file before and they all failed when I rotated them 90. Just wanted to provide more info to help debug.

I’ll make it part of my process to rotate everything in photoshop to avoid this issue.

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It shouldn’t be necessary after the next release (or with the beta posted). It’s supposed to allow it, but getting it to do the proper calcs for everything in pass through with the 90 degree rotations was a little tricky.

Sorry if I missed something. Where can I find the beta?

I sent you a PM - Click the icon in the upper right, and click messages:

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